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Polkadot WASM Smart Contracts Development Scaffold
Redspot is the most advanced WASM smart contract development, testing and debugging framework. It can simplify the development workflow and connects with other tools as the core of Patract Hub.


Redspot provides a JavaScript-based automatic testing environment, which can make contract testing and debugging very quickly.


Redspot only needs very little configuration and can be easily used on existing contract projects. Developers can freely choose the functions they want to add through the plugin system, and can also freely add new tasks or change existing tasks.



Redspot aims to provide development support for all WASM contract parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem, and will integrate multiple contract languages, such as: Ink!, Ask!, etc.

TS supported

Redspot will provide a TypeScript-based template by default, and you can use TypeScript without any settings. It also cancels TypeScript's runtime type checking, even if you are not familiar with TypeScript, you will not encounter obstacles.


The flexibility and extensibility of Redspot comes from its rich plug-in system. Developers can also easily developnew plugins and integrate them into their own contract development process.

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  • @redspot/patract

    Provide a JavaScript API to call contract

  • @redspot/gas-reporter

    Print out the GAS value consumed by each Message when running the test

  • @redspot/jupiter

    Connect to the Jupiter test network and use its special features optimized for contract development.

smaple code

Test case for the standard ERC20 contract

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npx redspot-new erc20